Books, Programs, and More!

Good evening, everyone! We have a ton of updates for you.

First off we’d like to welcome our brand new Director, Lauren Chesner! We hope you all have a chance to meet her soon while she’s here part time and then see her even more over the summer, we’re really excited to have her!

We have HUNDREDS of new Young Adult and children’s books this month. Thanks to our recent fundraisers and donations, we were able to purchase more than one hundred new YA and children’s novels. We are also continuously ordering new books for our Large Print section thanks to our annual book sale. So hurry and come see what’s new!

This summer we WILL be having a summer reading program and this year’s theme is SCIENCE! We will be having multiple programs from outside performers including an astrology program and will be having story time every Friday at 10AM. We will let you know when the beginning of summer reading will start next month. In the meantime we are looking for volunteers who are 12+ years old, so if you’re interested stop in and see us for more information!

We will also be starting computer classes again in the middle of May. If you have any suggestions for topics for the computer classes please don’t hesitate to tell us, we are always wanting to teach you what YOU want to know!

Thanks everyone for a great year so far, enjoy your Spring (if it lasts!), and have a happy holiday!

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